Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Week 1: Kumang

Kumang Competition is Sarawak's version of Beauty Pageant which is usually being held during Gawai Festival. Dedicated young women aging from 14 to early 20's compete with each other to be the most beautiful, the most graceful yet the most intelligent and confident. At Bawang Assan Long House, Sibu, Sarawak 10 girls were running towards becoming the next Kumang pageant during the once a year festival.

Jessica, 18, the 8th contestant of the Kumang Competion walked along the runway of Bawang Assan Long House.

Solo Ngajat dance performance by one of the locals.

To choose the right winner, judges also tested their knowledge and intelligence, not only judging them by their beauty and appearance. In this photo, contestants of the Kumang Competition were waiting for their turn to pick a random question for the Intelligence Test.

One of the contestant was trying to answer the question that was given to her in the 'Intelligence Test'

A mid-60 year old woman was sitting and watching the Kumang Competition all by herself. As she watched the young girls passed by posing and cat walking along the runway, she probably reminiscing the same good old memories she had years ago.

Long houses near the Kampung Bawang Assan.

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